We Are

Your Bonita Springs Boy Scout Troop


Learn Unparalleled Life Skills Through Outdoor Adventure And Uncover The Leader In You.


We’re the team behind the service projects near you.

With a focus on the community, we help those around us, all the while making sure to experience outdoor adventure. Troop 109 was chartered over 30 years ago in Bonita Springs, Florida and has a strong connection to the local community.

We serve all of Bonita, not just our Church and have special relationships with Lions, Moose, VFW and FLE.


Our outdoor program centers around our unique access to the Everglades’ 10,000 Islands.

We have two trailers full of canoes, and scouts build their own foldable kayaks.

Troop 109 annually treks to Panther Key on a 14 mile kayak trip, camp overnight and return along the same 14 mile route.


Troop 109 participates in pre-1830 pioneer-style camping events.

Our scouts are learning history through living history. Scouts construct canvas lean-to tents and dress in pre-1830s regalia.


The Troop is organized in a way to give Scouts the opportunity to lead by breaking them into patrols.

It can look chaotic. Sometimes it is. Adult leadership balances between running the show and guiding behind the scenes. True leadership growth happens when adult leadership instructs and then step out of the way. It sometimes fails. But when it succeeds it is the embodiment of why we are here.