Folding Kayaks

The Duckchaser folding Kayaks designed by Don Nicholson, Scoutmaster from Queenland, Austrailia have become a feature event for Troop 109.

Each year new scouts build their own folding kayak to add to our fleet.

The scouts learn not only basic woodworking skills, but learn the importance of waterproofing, aerodynamics and balancing,

Lastly, they learn boating skills and race their kayaks!

Panther Key

The 10,000 Islands National Wildlife Refuge on the western tip of Southern Florida is home to an amazing variety of wildlife, plants, and scenery, of which Panther Key is no exception.

To reach Panther Key, kayaking and navigation of the tides and mangrove islands is a necessity. Troop 109 launches from the Port of the Everglades Park and from there its a 14 mile paddle to Panther Key.

Pioneer Living

Annually, the members of the Florida Frontiersmen host the Alafia River Rendezvous – the largest pre-1830 living history encampment in the Southeast. Over 1,000 adults and youth establish a pre-1830 camp site on the Florida Frontiersmen club property. Troop 109 participates by dressing the part and setting up our canvas tents to live like a Pioneer.


Troop 109 partners extensively with the Bonita Springs community:

  • Leading ceremonies for National Holidays,
  • Partnering with the Bonita Springs Historical Society to maintain the Bonita Springs Cemetery and place flags and wreaths for National Holidays.
  • Regular cleanup of Leitner Creek in downtown Bonita Springs to Keep Bonita Beautiful.

Florida Trail

The Florida National Scenic Trail is a 1,500 mile federally designated trail beginning at Big Cypress National Preserve and ending at Gulf Islands National Seashore.

With hundreds of access points and primitive campgrounds.

Scouts at Troop 109 regularly plan hikes to trek into the Florida back country. Packing in their food, water and necessary survival gear.