April Newsletter

T R O O P  109


Upcoming Activities

  • April 10th – We will be meeting at the Scout Hut for Pioneer Rendezvous prep and Tenderfoot Advancement Day. We will be serving lunch as well! If you are a Scout working towards your Tenderfoot rank, come and work on advancement. If you are not working on Tenderfoot, come and help with Scout Hut clean out and Pioneer Rendezvous prep.
  • April 16th – 18th – Pioneer Rendezvous – Come and enjoy an 1800’s experience. A selection of crafts and skills will be available to participate in or watch a demonstration of throughout the day. Black powder rifles, tomahawks, boating, and swimming will also be open! Camp for the weekend. Troop 109 has been asked to build the gate leading to the parade field. Friday night will be setting up. Please come and help build the gate Friday night, stay for the weekend, or come Saturday for fun activities!

Past Activities

  • March 8th – Mrs. Debbie came and taught the boys how to perform CPR and some basic First Aid skills. Thanks Mrs Debbie!
  • March 27th – Scouts and Leaders volunteered to organize and clean the Troop Hut. There was also an advancement training for any Scouts working towards First Class. So much was organized and cleaned! Advancement progress went great! Thank you to everyone! One team, One Dream!
  • March 28th – Quarunteen Quackas Patrol went on a 10 mile Urban Hike. They left from the church and hiked down to Bonita Beach. Some live wild life, some not so alive, and lots of dangerous humans!
  • March 29th – Alex & Tony attended the official dedication of the new Blue Star Memorial Highway in downtown Bonita Springs. Tony played Taps at the close of dedication.

Future Activities

Upcoming activities to keep a look out for! Dates, times and locations are subject to change. For up-to-date calendar of events make sure your email is current in SCOUTBOOK!

  • May 1st – Summer Camp RSVP deadline via Scoutbook! 
  • May 1st – Leadership volunteer to prep for Kayak build. 
  • May 8th – Kayak build with Scouts begin! 
  • May 15th – Swim tests
  • May 22nd – Day 2 of kayak build
  • June 12th – Kayak Relay Race
  • July 5th – July 9th – Local Summer Camp

Camp Card Sales

Each Scout should have received a package from Mr. Schmitt for Camp Cards. Each Scout will be required to sell a minimum of FIVE camp cards for $10 each. $5.00 goes to Council and $5.00 will go into your Scout account. You can purchase the cards yourself and send the cards as gifts! If you did not receive your package or would like to sell more please contact Mr. Schmitt.

Hi Adults,

You missed our Court of Honor on April 5th and you also missed our one and only annual Friends of Scouting (FOS) presentation. Typically council sends an intelligent and articulate Ambassador of Scouting, who comes very well prepared with an FOS presentation, explaining how our donations are used. This year Council sent Mr. David and Myself.

Your scout brought home a pledge card. I would like every family to make a pledge. It costs our Council $285 per scout to maintain our camps, and fund our council scholarships. Some of this comes from our annual fees. The important thing to know is your FOS donation stays right here in our community.

When I say community – I am not talking just about Troop 109 – I am talking about the community of all Scouts families. The ones who can barely afford the annual fee and the uniform. This is the heart of the Friends of Scouting. To extend the opportunity of Scouting to all and to lower the barrier for the adventure and training.

If you have a pledge card, fill in out and bring it in. If you did not get a pledge card, please send a Count on Me pledge and we will get you a pledge card to complete.

What am I asking for? $20 Minimum. $250 Maximum. Got more? Give More!

Yours in Scouting,
Mr C.

**Want to know more? Please reach out to Mr. Cecil or Mr. Schmitt for more details.